CSE 252C: Selected Topics in Vision & Learning

List of Suggested Papers

Chris Bishop, Probability Density Estimation, Ch. 2 of Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition.

Chris Bishop, Parameter Optimization Algorithms, Ch. 7 of Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition.

Sam Roweis, Levenberg-Marquardt optimization.

Ananth Ranganathan, The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.

Jonathan Shewchuk, An Introduction to the Conjugate Gradient Method Without the Agonizing Pain.

Hartley & Zisserman, bundle adjustment for mosaic construction and fundamental matrix estimation.

Schoelkopf & Smola, optimization methods for kernel-based methods.

Platt, J., Sequential Minimal Optimization.

J. Keuchel, C. Schnörr, C. Schellewald, D. Cremers, Binary Partitioning, Perceptual Grouping, and Restoration with Semidefinite Programming, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 25(11): 1364-1379, Nov. 2003.

Christopher K. I. Williams, On a Connection between Kernel PCA and Metric Multidimensional Scaling, NIPS 13, [ps.gz].

chapters from Modern Multidimensional Scaling: Theory and Applications by Ingwer Borg, Patrick Groenen, 1997.

Leung T. and Malik J., On Perpendicular Texture: Why do we see more flowers in the distance?, IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 1997, Puerto Rico, abstract, paper (gzip ps 221K), paper (PDF 2.35M).

Anthony Lobay and David Forsyth, Shape from Texture Without Boundaries, CVPR 2004.

Oana G. Cula, Kristin J. Dana, Frank P. Murphy and Babar K. Rao, Bidirectional Imaging and Modeling of Skin Texture Texture 2003, The Third International Workshop on Texture Analysis and Synthesis, pp. 12-18, Nice, France October 2003.

Y. Boykov, P. Torr, R. Zabih, Tutorial on Discrete Optimization Methods in Computer Vision, at ECCV 2004.

Boykov, Y. and Jolly, M. (2001). Interactive Graph Cuts for Optimal Boundary and Region Segmentation of Objects in N-D Images. ICCV 2001 vol. I pp. 105 - 112.

Vandenberghe and Boyd, Semidefinite Programming, SIAM Review, 38(1): 49-95, March 1996.

D.J.C. Mackay, Introduction to Monte Carlo methods, 1996.

D. Kauchak and S. Dasgupta. An incremental improvement procedure for hierarchical clustering, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2003.

S. Dasgupta and P.M. Long. Performance guarantees for hierarchical clustering. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, to appear.

X. Chen and A. Yuille, Detecting and Reading Text in Natural Scenes, CVPR 2004.

Y. Cui and Q. Huang, Character extraction of license plates from video, CVPR 1997.

Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems: a Practical Guide, edited by Zhaojun Bai, James Demmel, Jack Dongarra, Axel Ruhe, and Henk van der Vorst.

R. Tarjan, Graph theory and Gaussian elimination, Stanford University, Department of Computer Science Report Number CS-TR-75-526, November 1975.

E. Cuthill and J. McKee, Reducing the bandwidth of sparse symmetric matrices, Proc. 24th Nat. Conf. ACM, pages 157-172, 1969.

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