CSE 252C: Selected Topics in Vision & Learning

List of Suggested Papers

Most of these papers can be located on the web, e.g. through CiteSeer, Google, or INSPEC (UC only). If the links provided below don't work, please try one of these three options before giving up. (Or, you can get some fresh air and walk to the actual library...) Participants in the seminar should feel free to propose worthwhile papers that don't appear here.

Michael Isard and John MacCormick, BraMBLe: A Bayesian Multiple-Blob Tracker, Proc. Int. Conf. Computer Vision, vol. 2 34-41. (2001)

Ross Cutler and Larry Davis. Robust Real-Time Periodic Motion Detection, Analysis, and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), August 2000 (Vol. 22, No. 8).

B. Stenger, A. Thayananthan, P. H. S. Torr, and R. Cipolla. Filtering Using a Tree-Based Estimator. In Proc. 9th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Nice, France, October 2003, to appear.

Comaniciu, D.; Ramesh, V.; Meer, P., Kernel-based object tracking Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 25, Issue: 5, May 2003, Page(s): 564-577.

Yue Zhou and Hai Tao, Background Layer Model for Object Tracking through Occlusion, to appear in Proc. IEEE International Conf. on Computer Vision, ICCV'03, 2003.

Robert Pless, John Larson, Scott Siebers, and Ben Westover, Evaluation of Local Models of Dynamic Backgrounds, to appear in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2003.

Simon, G. , Fitzgibbon, A. and Zisserman, A., Markerless Tracking using Planar Structures in the Scene, Proc. International Symposium on Augmented Reality (2000).

M Brown, T Drummond and R Cipolla, 3D Model Acquisition by Tracking 2D Wireframes,, BMVC 2000.

Haritaoglu, I.; Harwood, D.; Davis, L.S., W4: real-time surveillance of people and their activities Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 22, Issue: 8, Aug. 2000, Page(s): 809-830.

Kumar, R.; Sawhney, H.; Samarasekera, S.; Hsu, S.; Hai Tao; Yanlin Guo; Hanna, K.; Pope, A.; Wildes, R.; Hirvonen, D.; Hansen, M.; Burt, P., Aerial video surveillance and exploitation, Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume: 89, Issue: 10, Oct. 2001, Page(s): 1518-1539.

Hanna Pasula, Stuart Russell, Michael Ostland, and Ya'acov Ritov, ``Tracking many objects with many sensors.'' In Proc. IJCAI-99, Stockholm, 1999.

Brockett, R.; Blake, A., Estimating the shape of a moving contour, Decision and Control, 1994., Proceedings of the 33rd IEEE Conference on, Volume: 4, 14-16 Dec. 1994, Page(s): 3247-3252 vol.4.

Morency, L.-P., Rahimi, A., and Trevor Darrell, Adaptive View-based Appearance Model, CVPR 2003, Wisconsin, June 2003.

Y. Liu, R. T. Collins and Y. Tsin, A Computational Model for Periodic Pattern Perception Based on Frieze and Wallpaper Groups, accepted for publication, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 2003.

A. Bissacco, A. Chiuso, Y. Ma and S. Soatto, Recognition of human gaits. In Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Comp. Vision and Patt. Recog., vol II, pages 52-58, 2001.

M. Irani, B. Rousso, and S. Peleg, Computing Occluding and Transparent Motions. International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 5-16, February 1994. (A shorter version in ECCV'92).

Irani, M.; Anandan, P. A unified approach to moving object detection in 2D and 3D scenes. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on , Volume: 20 Issue: 6 , June 1998 Page(s): 577 -589

Bergen,J.R.;Anandan,P. et al. Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation, ECCV '92, Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol.588.

D.A. Forsyth, J. Haddon, S. Ioffe, The Joy of Sampling, International Journal of Computer Vision 41 (1-2): 109-134, January - February, 2001.

D. Cremers, T. Kohlberger, C. Schnörr, Nonlinear Shape Statistics in Mumford-Shah Based Segmentation, P. Johansen (Ed.), European Conf. on Computer Vision (ECCV), Copenhagen, June 2002, Springer LNCS.

David MacKay. Introduction to Gaussian processes. Technical report, Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge University, 1997.

J. Sullivan and S. Carlsson, Recognizing and Tracking Human Action Proc 7:th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), Copenhagen, Denmark 2002.

G. Mori and J. Malik, Estimating Human Body Configurations using Shape Context Matching, European Conference on Computer Vision, 2002.

Michal Irani and P. Anandan, A unified approach to moving object detection in 2D and 3D scenes, Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 20 Issue: 6, June 1998, Page(s): 577-589.

Cootes, T.F.; Edwards, G.J.; Taylor, C.J. Active appearance models. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, June 2001, vol.23, (no.6):681-5.

Michael Isard and Andrew Blake CONDENSATION -- conditional density propagation for visual tracking Int. J. Computer Vision, 29, 1, 5--28, (1998)

N. Jojic and B. J. Frey, ``Learning flexible sprites in video layers'', presented at CVPR, Kuaii, Hawaii, December, 2001.
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B. J. Frey, N. Jojic and A. Kannan, ``Learning appearance and transparency manifolds of occluded objects in layers'', presented at CVPR, Madison, WI, June, 2003.
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N.Jojic, B.Frey & A.Kannan, Epitomic Analysis of Appearance and Shape, To be presented at ICCV 2003.

Alexei A. Efros, Alexander C. Berg, Greg Mori and Jitendra Malik, Recognizing Action at a Distance, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'03), Nice, France, October 2003.

State, Andrei, Gentaro Hirota, David T. Chen, William F. Garrett, and Mark A. Livingston. Superior Augmented-Reality Registration by Integrating Landmark Tracking and Magnetic Tracking. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96 (New Orleans, LA, August 4-9, 1996). In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series 1996, ACM SIGGRAPH, pgs. 429-438.

Welch, Greg, and Gary Bishop, SCAAT: Incremental Tracking with Incomplete Information, pp. 333-344, SIGGRAPH 1997.

R. Jonker and A. Volgenant, A Shortest Augmenting Path Algorithm for Dense and Sparse Linear Assignment Problems, Computing 38, 325-340 (1987). [code]

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