Homework Assignment #0

CSE 166 - Image Processing - Fall 2003


Student ID:

Email address:

1. Sign up for the class mailing list.
Subscribe to the cse166 email list by filling out the form at http://graphics.ucsd.edu/mailman/listinfo/cse166-03. Use an email address that you will check frequently during the quarter.
2. Work through the Matlab tutorial code snippets.
The tutorial is set up so you can cut and paste the commands into Matlab as you go. To get credit for this problem, make a printout of the tutorial and check off each section number once you have completed it. (You do not need to turn in any output from your commands; just print out the four pages of the tutorial.) You can also make comments next to any portion that caused you trouble, or to make suggestions that would be useful for future revisions of the tutorial.

Print out this page, staple it to the front of the pages from Problem 2, and write your name, student ID, and email address from Problem 1 in the space provided at the top right of this page.

This assignment is not required, but it's worth 5 bonus points toward your homework grade!