CSE 221: Fall 2001 Projects

  1. Security and Protection for BeComm Strings System [PDF] by Ryan Sit, Raymond Kim, Harsha Narayan, Jason Krasnow
  2. A Survey of Embedded Operating System [PDF] by Bo Yao, Zhengyong Zhu, Lingxia Wang, Yang Yang
  3. Operating System Support for Multimedia [PDF] by Praveen Moorthy
  4. Survey on Application specific Operating Systems [PS] by Puneet Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, Satish Narayanswamy, Erez Perelman
  5. Scheduling in Metacomputing Environments [PDF] by Gregory Chun, Mike McCracken, and Josh Wills
  6. OS Energy Conservation Policies for Low Power Systems [PS] by Sherief Reda, Nathan Tuck
  7. A Survey of Microkernel Operating Systems [PDF] by Kirill Levchenko
  8. Improving I/O Parallelism through Hints and History [PS] by Sean O'Rourke
  9. A Perspective on Metacomputing [PDF] by Abhishek Agrawal, Neil Jones, Ritu Mahajan, Craig Donner
  10. A Survey of Intrusion Detection Systems [PDF] by Tem Wang, Bill Suckow, Doug Brown
  11. Some Operating System Issues in Personal Digital Assistants [PDF] by Vivek Manpuri, Chien-Yi Hou, Richard Huang
  12. OS Support for Communication [PS] by Ankur Jain
  13. New Directions in Adaptive Disk Reorganization [PS] by Eric Wiewora, Dana Dahlstrom
  14. Security in Peer-to-Peer Systems [PS] by Rishi Dubey, Ishwar Ramani, Genevieve Bartlett, Sagnik Nandy
  15. Survey of Locating & Routing in Peer-to-Peer Systems [PDF] by Jenny Guilian Wang, Fox Harrell, Yuanfang Hu, Huaxia Xia
  16. Single Address Space Operating Systems on Wide-Address Machines [PS] by Jeremy Lau, Bryant Forsgren, Eric Hall, and Yuchung Cheng

updated by Dmitrii Zagorodnov