ACM SICOMM 2001 Webcast

ACM SIGCOMM 2001 Webcast

The technical sessions of the ACM SIGCOMM 2001 conference will be webcast live starting tomorrow morning, August 29, at 9am PDT, and ending this Friday, August 31, at 1pm PDT. The first session will be the opening remarks followed by the keynote talk by Van Jacobson, this year's SIGCOMM Award winner.

The URL for the webcast is:


and will be active starting the morning of August 29.

The webcast is encoded for RealPlayer version 8. Clients supporting this encoding are available for Windows, Unix, and the Mac at Real's website:

For reference, a description of the ACM SIGCOMM 2001 conference schedule is available at:

Finally, if you miss the live webcast, the taping will also be recorded and archived for later viewing on demand.

Geoff Voelker