Visiting UCSD

Here's a quick summary of the logistics for coming to visit me (or my lab at UCSD). If you've received other directions from my assistant with respect to parking or other aspects of your visit, please follow those.


Here's a google map with a few key locations.

View Parking at UCSD in a larger map


To park, you'll need to purchase a one-day parking pass from a machine in one of the two parking structures on the map. With that pass, you can park in either structure or, if you can find a spot, in the lot next to the CSE building. It's often full.


If you need a hotel, I suggest the Sheraton La Jolla or the Estancia La Jolla (the fancier of the two). Both are immediately adjacent to campus.


For flights, fly into the San Diego International Airport (SAN). It is pretty easy to navigate. The drive to UCSD is about 20 minutes without traffic, but in the morning and evening it could take 30-45 minutes. The rental car facilities are not in the airport, so you'll need to allow extra time to drop off a car.

It is also possible to take the train to Solana Beach Amtrak (SOL) station and take a cab to UCSD.

Public transit is pretty sparse in San Diego. The cabs are tolereable (619-234-6161), but it can take them awhile to get a car to you. I prefer Uber.

Food for Talks

If you are visiting from a company, are speaking near lunch time, and would like to order some pizza for the students, I suggest New York style pizza from Regents Pizza. They are close by, delicious, deliver reliably, and know where our building is (this part is important since there are not actually any addresses on UCSD buildings). The crowd that shows up for talks is usually 30-50% vegetarian. Talks usually attract between 30 and 50 people.

If you woud like torder pizza, please let me know, since I sometimes order pizza, too, and we may end up with too much of a good thing.

Contacting/Finding Me

My office is in the computer science building (also known as EBU3B), room 3212.

The Non-Volatile Systems Lab is housed in room 2209 of the same building.

My office number is 858-534-1743, and my Cell is 206-718-5074. Don't hesitate to call if something goes awry.

I look forward to meeting with you!