Pascal-An Introduction to
the Art and Science of Programming
Fourth Edition

Walter Savitch

The Dr. Pascal System

This book can be used with any systems that is running a version of standard Pascal. If, however, you are still choosing a system, we have some suggestions and software that may help you with your planning. One very nice system for an introductory course is the Dr. Pascal system produced by the Visible Software Co. The Dr. Pascal systems provides an editor, debugger, and a standard Pascal compiler together in one integrated environment. The Dr. Pascal system was designed specifically to be used in introductory courses. The debugger displays variable values and procedure calls in a layout that is nice for any programmer, but that is particularly clear to beginning programmers. Dr. Pascal has a number of other nice little additions that are important for a beginning student, such as the ability to restart a program that has failed due to incorrect input. Versions of Dr. Pascal are available for PC, Macintosh, and VMS systems.

Discounted and Free Pascal Interpreters

A free copy of the complete Dr. Pascal system in either a Mac or PC compatible version is available to qualified instructors upon adoption of this text, while supplies last. A coupon that allows students to buy the complete Dr. Pascal system at a discounted price is include at the end of this book.

A less elaborate Pascal interpreter (produced by the same company that produces Dr. Pascal) is available free via anonymous ftp from the publishers of this book. This interpreter can be distributed free to students so that each student who owns a home computer can have her or his own Pascal interpreter. There are versions of this command line interpreter for both PC and Macintosh systems. Instructions for obtaining the interpreter via anonymous ftp are included in the section of this preface entitled Supplements and FTP.

For More Details See The Section on Support Material
August 3, 1995