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Production of this book would have been impossible without the use of a number of tools. Many of these were provided by their developers free of charge. These include: \item the {\tt emacs} editor and related tools from the Gnu Project; \item the \LaTeX\ and \TeX\ formatting systems, and the OzTex port to MacOS; \item the {\tt gimp} image manipulation package; \item the Linux operating system; to name only a few. Said another way, this text should be considered a beneficiary of the OPEN SOURCE movement, as recently enunciated by E. S. Raymond's Cathedral and the Bazaar and earlier by R. Stallman's GNU Manifesto .

I firmly believe in the future importance of the Open Source model, and would like to express my appreciation in a more active way than simply listing the tools I've used. Cambridge University Press seems to believe there is at least some chance that FOA will make more money than it cost to produce; I'll believe that when I see it. Should that come to pass, however, it is because you (the reader) bought it, and I think you should get some of the credit! I therefore propose the following, admittedly unusual, procedure:

After expenses directly related to producing FOA, I hereby commit to passing on 50% of all royalties I receive from FOA to organizations who have produced the tools listed above (and others). If you go to the FOA website , and register your copy of the text, you will then be allowed to ``vote'' as to which of these worthy organizations you'd like the money to go to; the webpage will contain full details.

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