Artificial Life VI

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Life

Christoph Adami, Richard K. Belew,
Hiroaki Kitano, and Charles E. Taylor, Editors

MIT Press, 1998
(ISBN #0-262-51099-5)

If you are interested in participating in an Email list to compare notes with others coming to the meeting, send a message to with the message body containing:

ADD alife6-content

My intent is that this list will discuss "content" issues to make sure we all can make best use of the limited face-to-face time we'll have 26-29 June at UCLA.

To register for the meeting, or for other logistical questions, go to the ALife6 page at CalTech. REGISTER EARLY!! The sooner we are confident the meeting is going to break even, the more fun we can plan.

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