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We are interested in augmenting databases of bibliographic information with "cultural" information, specifically a family tree of the intellectual lineage of the authors of MS or PhD dissertations. Dissertations are substantial, topically-focused artifacts that are especially under the sway of the advisor's influence. We propose to test the use of such information, within the topical area of artificial intelligence In conjuction with bibliographic information about the AI literature, can be used to characterize important intellectual developments within AI, and thereby provide evidence about general processes of scientific discovery.

Note that the intent is to interpret the phrase "artificial intelligence" very broadly. AI has always been a very inter-disciplinary area, drawing from branches of computer science, biology, psychology, linguistics and cognitive science to mention only a few cognate disciplines. If you believe your dissertation involved issues even tangentially "relevant" to AI, you are encouraged to participate. Our hope is to come to a better understanding of what the term "artificial intelligence" means in terms of the broader context of other disciplines.

Similary, the focus on dissertations is certainly not meant to suggest that only people with (MS or PhD) graduate degrees are involved in AI research. Rather, it is a simplification designed to make the notion of intellectual "lineage" more precise.

If you have completed a masters or Ph.D. thesis and consider yourself a researcher in AI, I would like you to send me information about where you got your degree, who your advisor and committee members were, and where you have worked since then. Also, please forward this query to any of your colleagues that may not see this mailing list. The specific questions are contained in a brief questionnaire below, and this is followed by an example. I would appreciate it if you could fill in the form below.

If you know some of these facts about your advisor (or other committee members), their advisors, etc., I would appreciate it if you could send me that information as well. One goal is to trace the genealogy of today's researchers back as far as possible (for example, to participants in the Dartmouth conference of 1956), as well as connections to other disciplines.

Previous iterations of this AIGeneology query have gone out in 1992 and 1994; the current corpus contains information on approximately 5000 dissertations. One interesting change that the maturing WWW has brought is increased concerns about both privacy and spoofing. Regarding the first concern, if you would like to have information about your dissertaton removed from this resource, please send an Email message (from a verifiable user account) and it will be removed immediatey. All new entries submitted via this form must include a verifiable Email address for both the author and his/her advisor.

(This page is still under development. The ability to query the database, update entries, etc. will be supported Real Soon Now.)

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    Author's name           Richard K. Belew    

    Current Email address

    Dissertation type       PhD
    Dissertation year       1986    
    Dissertation title      Adaptive information retrieval machine learning 
                            in associative networks

    Language                English   
    Department              Computer & Communication Sciences (CCS)
    University              University of Michigan
    Univ. address           Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
    Co-advisor              Stephen Kaplan  
    Advisor's department    Psychology  
    Co-advisor              Paul D. Scott
    Advisor2's department   Computer & Communication Sciences (CCS)     
    Committee member        Michael D. Gordon   
    Member's department     Mgmt. Info. Systems - Business School
    Committee member        John H. Holland 
    Member's department     Computer & Communication Sciences (CCS)
    Committee member        Robert K. Lindsay   
    Member's department     Psychology
    Current workplace       CSE Dept., UCSD  (
    Institution's address   La Jolla, CA 92093

    Begin Date              9/1/86

    EndDate                 present         

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