I am a freelance software consultant, and I enjoy working on projects in medical/health, Internet of Things, and education. I also give advice related to careers, early stage companies, graduate school, cinematography, and life philosophy. For more details about my work and education history please visit my Linkedin profile. For more details about my research history, please visit my Google Scholar profile. When I'm not consulting, you might find me making a short film, writing a book, or volunteering somewhere. Speaking of that...

Supported Organizations

Normally people, push their own personal brand, but let me push some other brands that always need help being pushed. Here are a few that might be of interest. If you have the time, try volunteering at the following organizations, attending their activities, or simply donating to them if you have some extra pocket change.

Have you ever tried learning something from a verbal or written description and wish someone just showed you instead? LearnXYZ is about collecting those kinds of videos. I volunteer at LearnXYZ as a content coordinator, figuring out what video content is best learned visually through short videos. If you have come across a video on YouTube that you found particularly useful, feel free to create an account or send it to me and I can add it on your behalf.

If you're a Cal Alum, please support the Cal Alumni Association (or the alumni association of your own university). It's true, they do call a lot asking for money, but if you're not rich enough to donate money, you can still donate your time. I participate in scholarship interviews, on behalf of CAA, for both merit and need-based scholarships. Listening to the stories of future Cal students, and their tales of struggle, triumph, and redemption is truly eye-opening.

Modern living is a complex beast with numerous stress-inducing anxieties. Kannondo is a Zen meditation venue that aims to bridge the teachings of Zen Buddhism with modern life, and their friendly sangha provides lectures and discussions about it. They have introductory sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, so feel free to come to one if you have time. Don't worry, they're not dogmatic about anything, and the teachings are likely to be compatible with your own religion.

Exploring nature is one thing, but restoring it is even better! Did you know most of the SF Bay was marshland before salt mining and urban development destroyed a large part of the ecosystem? Save the Bay is restoring the greenery around the SF Bay, which many endangered species used to call home. As a result, those animals are flourishing once again. For those that have a green thumb (or want to get one), this is a great activity.

RAFT is about supporting educators through deeply discounted school supplies and interactive activities for K-12 students. I'll be honest, some of the activities are even good for adults. My personal favorite is the caesar cipher activity where elementary and middle school students can learn about simple cryptography. If you have time, help them build these kits or beta test new ones. You can probably learn more from your corporate volunteer coordinator.