A list I collected from a lot of people of their Cognitive Modeling Greatest Hits

Here is a great cheat sheet for MATLAB, Octave, NumPy, R, and Julia...

(Some of) The CAlifornia Facial Expressions dataset! These faces are supplied free of charge, for educational, research and non-profit purposes only. Here are UNCROPPED versions for those of you who prefer those!

The code for the NIMBLE object and face recognition system is available via Chris Kanan's project web page here. (scroll down to "Software")

Here is the code for our real-time video salience algorithm.

The code for SUN is here

A matlab neural net demo with face processing.

I study face processing. Here is a really interesting set of pages about what it is like to be face-blind.

Here's my vitae (pdf)

Here's a short bio

Here's a longer bio

Some old pictures of me, my kids, and my friends are here.