I am currently an Associate Researcher with the Telefonica Research lab in Barcelona, Spain. My research interests lie in the areas of large-scale data management, cloud computing and distributed systems. I'm particularly interested in building systems for large-scale graph mining and machine learning.


The lab accepts interns all year round. If you are interested in an internship, feel free to send me an e-mail.

You can also check out the Facebook profile for our interns.

Recent publications


IEEE ICDCS 2014, PC member
IEEE CloudCom 2013, PC member
LSRS 2013, PC member
IEEE P2P 2013, PC member


Paper at SoCC'13

Paper on debugging DISC analytics accepted at SoCC'13.

LSRS 2013

Consider submitting your work at the 1st Workshop on Large-Scale Recommender Systems: http://graphlab.org/lsrs2013/

P2P 2013

Participating in the PC. Consider submitting your work: http://www.p2p13.org/

Paper at CIKM/CloudDB'12 workshop

Early results from our work on real-time graph mining here.

Article on In-Situ Mapreduce

An article on In-Situ MapReduce after our USENIX'11 presentation.