david anthony torres

Graduate Student in Computer Science and Engineering at The University of California at San Diego

about me

My interests are in machine learning and its applications to multimedia, in other words, using statistical techniques to extract meaningful information from images, video, text or sound. I'm also interested in multiple view learning: exploiting different views of data in machine learning tasks, and convex optimization. I'm part of the Computer Audition Lab and the Computational Statistics and Machine Learning group (COSMAL).


  • Finding words that are musically meaningful: We use a statistical technique known as sparse canonical component analysis to find words that are highly correlated to accompanying audio signals.

  • Modeling how humans describe music: We use Gaussian mixture models to discover the audio structure behind songs that have been labeled with keywords. A machine can use these models to annotate new songs or to retrieve a list of songs based on a keyword query.



You can download a pdf version of my resume here.



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