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This is a list of the email addresses from which I have received what I consider to be junk email, or ``spam''. If spammers who collect email addresses from web pages collect these links, I don't mind. It's probably not a good idea to intentionally spam the spammers, however, since that is not being a good netizen either -- there may be mistakes in this list, and even if everything here are okay, your spam may cause problems with sites other than the spamming site (e.g., your own ISP's machines, or some site upstream from you). Don't descend to their level!

I also encourage you to not do business with any of these companies.

People interested in identifying spammers should read Todd Burgess's page on how to read email headers.

This list contains spammer addresses, or failing that, the postmaster address of the site from which the spam originated. Sometimes these sites are hosted by an ISP, and mail to them may be blocked; in that case, I'll include the postmaster address for the ISP, since they are not being responsible netizens and requiring their users to not spam and making sure that their users always accept email if they originate email.

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