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can of Coke This is a list of various Coke or other vending machines that are accessible via the Internet. Other Internet accessible machines and other fun stuff are listed separately. bsy with can of Coke

  • Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science Coke machine, with a graphical interface as well as the older finger interface. See the history of the CMU networked Coke machine project, which started back in 1984-5 on the CMUA, a DEC-10.
  • CokePuter
  • Eero Alkkiomaki's personal coke machine
  • Autopro Automation Consultants
  • Rose Hulman CS dept Coke machine
  • Soda machine project at University of Missouri, Rolla (not yet complete)
  • Coke machine project (in german).
  • Coke machine page, currently in Finnish
  • Coke machine, with Linux inside.
  • Coke machine at the University of Copenhagen CS Dept
  • Coke machine at Caltech
  • Coke machine at the University Computer Club of the University of Western Australia (There is also a finger interface to the club room.)
  • at Bristol, PA.
  • Clinet Ltd (finger i/f)
  • Coke and the Olympics (Georgia Tech)
  • Soda machine at Seattle University
  • Swiss Coke machine at MIT's AI lab, 4th floor.
  • Interealm Coke machine
  • Coastal Imaging Lab Coke machine at Oregon State University.
  • Cocacola and Pepsi pages at Columbia University. Also the Coke and Pepsi machines themselves.
  • University of Wisconsin's Coke machine home page. It is possible also to finger their machine.
  • Machine status for the Computer Science House's drink machines at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Thai Coke bottle

    If you hear of any other Internet accessible Coke machines or notice any errors on this page, please let me know. Note that I do not buy, sell, collect, or otherwise have any special knowledge about Coke machines; all that I do collect are links to on-line Coke machines.

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