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KeLP version 1.4 (Abstract KeLP)

    "Abstract KeLP" KeLP now permits the user to define their own storage container types in KeLP applications. Such generalizations allow external libraries requiring their own storage layouts to interoperate with KeLP, and also support certain kinds of sparse data sets. For more information, see the Abstract KeLP Page.  This is joint work with Brian van Straalen and Phil Colella at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

KeLP version 2.1 (Multi-Tier)
"Multi-tier Programming"  Multi-tier parallelism is an effective solution for enhancing machine performance, and is typically delivered as an interconnected collection of Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMPs). Several vendors  support support multi-tier parallelism, including Sun Microsystems, Compaq, IBM, and SGI.

This software is experimental and is not fully supported. For further information see the Multi-Tier page.   Please send questions to

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Last modified: 25 June, 2009