Background on the CSE Party

In what has become a tradition, the CSE Department threw a holiday party on December fifth. The party included skits written and performed by the department staff, graduate students, and faculty. This web page has links to downloadable movies of those skits, as well as pictures taken at the party. The skits from the 2002 holiday party can be found here.


It's nearly unanimous!! "Moore's S-Law" was the favorite named food, so congratulations to David Moore!! Also Congrats to Andrew Kovacevic!! Nearly everyone voting agreed that his hysterical and loveable impression of Alex Orailiglu deserves a prize too!!


Pictures of the party, including shots of the award winning "Moore's S-Law", can be found here.

About the skits

The skits are in QuickTime format, so you may need to install the QuickTime player (all personal information fields are optional for the download) to view them. The audio is a bit quiet and you may need to increase the volume on your machine.

There are two versions of each skit, a low quality version and a high quality version. The low quality version is a smaller download, but is inferior in all other respects. The high quality version is larger, loses less video information in the compression process, and is generally looks better.


Opening Remarks, high quality
23.6 MB

Opening Remarks, low quality
2.4 MB

Staff Skit, high quality
68.1 MB

Staff Skit, low quality
8.5 MB

Student Skit, high quality
74.4 MB

Student Skit, low quality
9.9 MB

Faculty Skit, high quality
181.8 MB

Faculty Skit, low quality
23.2 MB

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