ISCA 2007 Student Travel Grants

ACM SIGARCH and IEEE TCCA, along with Microsoft, AMD, HP, and IBM, are providing a significant amount of funds to support travel grants for student members of SIGARCH and/or TCCA to attend ISCA 2007. Funds can be requested to cover transportation and lodging costs (limited to travel and hotel from June 8th - June 13th).  However, meals and symposium registration will *not* be funded.  (Registration costs are already greatly reduced thanks to ISCA Industry Support).

Applications are available in Word and PDF formats.

ISCA 2007 Companion Travel Grants

SIGARCH is providing funds for a limited number of travel grants to attend ISCA 2007 for a companion care-provider for a SIGARCH member who is:

(1) a person with a physical disability necessitating a companion, or
(2) a parent of an infant less than one year old who cannot travel without the infant and a care-provider for the infant.

The only costs covered are those incurred solely for the transportation of the companion. Shared transportation expenses, such as taxis, and non-transportation costs, such as room and board, are not covered.

The application is here.

The application deadline for both types of grant is Monday April 30th, 2007 and recipients will be notified on or about May 7th.

The size of grants may be limited due to budgetary constraints. In particular, there may be upper bounds on specific items, and we may set different upper bounds based upon the level of involvement (symposium speaker vs. workshop speaker vs. coauthor, for example).  Reimbursement will occur after the conference, and is contingent upon the submission of original travel receipts and an acceptable 1-2 page description of what you thought was the most significant talk at the conference (and why).  This report will not be read by a nameless bureaucrat, but rather by a member of the SIGARCH board, who intends to present a summation of the opinions of the travel grant awardees at the next SIGARCH business meeting. 

Applications must be received by the deadline - applicants are encouraged to submit via email. To apply for a grant, email a completed application form to:

Matthew Farrens (
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis