CSE 203B, Winter 2021
Convex Optimization
University of California, San Diego 


Teaching Assistant Discussion Forum Schedule References Prerequisite Content Lectures Homework Discussion Exam Project
  • Winter 2021: Two Award Winning Projects
  • Project Outlines due Monday March 1, 2021 pdf, pptx.
  • Clarification of the project outlines and report (what are we looking for?) pdf, pptx.
  • Outline Sample: Market Forcast docx
  • Outline Sample: Spectralization pdf
  • Outline Sample: ImageSeg pdf
  • Final Presentation Sample pdf
  • Final Report Sample: Market Forcast pdf
  • Report Sample: Sprectralization pdf
  • Report Sample: ImageSeg pdf
  • Two award winning teams of the Best Presentation Winter 2019 Award.jpg.