CSE 242A
Integrated Circuit Layout Automation
Winter 2009

University of California, San Diego 


  • Chung-Kuan Cheng, CSE2130, ckcheng at ucsd.edu, tel: 858 534-6184


  • Lectures: 9:30-10:50AM, TuTh, WLH2209


  • Combinatorial Algorithms for Integrated Circuit Layout, by T. Lengauer, A Wiley-Teubner Series


In the era of nanoscaled technologies, interconnect dominates the system performance and power consumption. We will discuss the impact of physical layout and the approaches to tackle the problems. We will discuss the formulations, optimal solutions, and heuristic approaches. The course is open to students who are interested in hardware architectures, combinatoric algorithms, or computer-aided designs.

Notes and Papers