CSE 123B: Communications Software


Instructor: Amin Vahdat
Teaching Assistant: Calvin Hubble
Textbook: Computer Networks: A Systems Approach 3rd edition by Peterson and Davie (recommended). 


CSE 123B an undergraduate course on networking and distributed systems. The continued exponential growth of the Internet has made the network an important part of our everyday lives. Companies use the network to conduct business, doctors to diagnose medical issues, etc. This course will provide a broad understanding of exactly how the network infrastructure supports distributed applications ranging from email to web browsing to electronic commerce. Topics covered in the course include the socket API, security, naming, network file systems, transport protocols (TCP). Hands-on programming assignments provide in-depth understanding of issues in distributed systems and networking.

Prerequisites for the course include CSE 120 and a strong programming background, with knowledge of C/C++ and Java. CSE 123A is recommended but not required for this course.