C Programming
Spring 1998

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  • Here you will be able find important information such as class announcements, course information, homework assignments and tutor lab hours.
  • Please check this page at least once every two days for updated information. Most of the class announcements will be made through this web page.
  • Since it's beginning of the quarter, there will be many changes here. Especially there will be a lot of changes in lab hours. Please check Tutors & Lab Hours page everyday.
  • Don't forget to press RELOAD button to get the newest information

  • Answers to the homework assignments have been posted. Click here to see the answers Remember that there are more than one way to do homeworks. These answers are just suggested answers.

  • Shelly Quan will be in the lab on Monday 3-6pm, and Wednesday 3-5pm. Please check Hours Page for TA lab hours during finals week.

  • TAs can now read the files in your account. Thus, you do NOT have to e-mail your program to get your program graded. But still two things to be mentioned. Please save your program somewhere easy to find. If we can't find your file, we can't grade your hw, right?? ;) and Please use filenames that are easy to read. "pringles.c" or "myfrog.cpp" doesn't really say that it's hw#7.. so use file names that we can tell it's hw#7 okey?. And for those people who couldn't get their previous hw grades, please let your TA know that he/she needs to grade your assignments other than hw#7. okey?

  • Kevin will have a review session on Wednesday June 10th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm in the lab.

  • Most of TAs won't have any lab hours during finals week... so if you have any questions, please e-mail your TA

  • Lienphuong Thai can't make it to her lab hour this friday...

  • TA's won't grade hw#7 interactivly with you like we did with other homework assignments. I *THINK* you can just save it in your account and we can open your file & get it graded. But make sure that you SAVE IT as

    It doesn't heave to be exact, but it better be somewhat easy to find.. okey? Also notice that the directory name is "H:\"not "H:\pc\bc45\bin\". It will be a lot easier for us to find your file that way.. If you REALLY want to make sure that your TA gets your hw#7, you can write an e-mail with your program attatched to it... Or give him/her the disk with the program in it.. If you need help with writing e-mail, please refer to FAQs Page. And ask any of us.

  • Please bring your PhotoID to FINAL!

  • FAQs Page has been updated.. new entries are ..
    Q: If your program for hw#7 part 3 keeps stealing one penny from your pocket.....
    Q: How can I e-mail my hw7 to my TA?
    Q: Where can I find practice final exam??

    The e-mail one is not completed yet.. I'll finish it asap. ;-)

  • For hw#7, we will not test any dates before Jan 1st 1984. Thus, you do not have to worry about getting your program correct for any dates before 1/1/1984.

  • Practice Final has been posted on the webpage. Click here to see the practice exam. And for the fianl, please rember to bring your IDs.

  • Some hints on doing hw#7 part 1 have been posted on FAQS Page. I hope it helps you out..

  • The final is scheduled on June 11, Thursday, 3-6pm, Center 113. It is worth 30 points. Good Luck!

  • The professor will be out of time next tuesday (6/2). Thus, Kevin will lead a discussion instead of lecture. Tomorrow discussion and tuesday discussion will be mainly about hw#6, #7, and final. So, please come to the secsion.

  • Margaret Sy won´t be available on Friday (5/29). Sorry for any inconveniences. Please check Tutors and Lab Hours Page for latest lab hour information.

  • Homework #7 has been posted on the webpage. IMPORTANT! Homework #8 has been canceled. Instead homework #6 and homework #7 are worth 7.5 points each.

  • The professor will handle Tomorrow's (5/22) discussion himself as regular lecture. So, please be there =). THe discussion is in CSB 002 from 10:10am to 11:00am.

  • Homework 6 and 7 have been changed. Hw#6 is available on line, and hw#7 will be available on line shortly. Hw#6 is due June 1st, Monday. Hw7 and hw8 will be combined into one 10 point worth assignment. Sorry for those of who started already and sorry that you guys won't have Elvis assignments anymore =(

  • Some tips on HW5 have been posted on the FAQs Page.. I know it's a bit too late but I am sure *some* people will appreciate it =). And just in case you are not aware of it, the HW #5 is due Thursday not Friday.. okey? so.. make sure that you finish the homework by tomorrow (Thursday). K?

  • Make sure that you comment enough. We will be taking off points for comments. And from now on, we will apply more strict rules for grading. so, be careful and make sure that you really underatand the program. Okie??

  • Shelly Quan's Thursday & Friday lab hours has changed only for this week. See Tutors and Lab hours page for detail.

    Grading of midterm is done. The mean was 20.3668. The solutions has been posted on the web, so please check Midterm solutions Page for the answers. Plese e-mail us if you have any questions
    Ji Lee can't make it to Monday's (5/11) Lab hours. If you need to talk to Ji, please e-mail Ji Lee.
    There have been some changes in Lienphuong Thai and Shelly Quan's lab hours. Please check Tutors & Lab hours for detail.

  • Woo Hoo! Good news for you guys =) The due date for hw#4 has been postponed to Friday May 15, 11:59 pm!! This should save many lives of people in class ;) So, forget about hw#4 for now, and concentrate on the midterm ;)

  • Homework #5, homework #6 and homework #7 have been posted on the Grading Policy & Homeworks Page. These assignments are a bit more intersting than previous ones. =) so have fun!!! & good luck =P

  • FAQs Page has been updated... Make sure that you understand it, or ask TAs if you have any questions.
  • Margaret Sy and Chal Hathaidharm have updated their Lab Hours. Please check Tutors & Lab Hours for detail.
  • Mid term is coming!!! be prepared for the midterm. It will cover everythign you learned in class until last Thursday (4/30). Make sure that you go over your homeworks too (hw#1~3). It might be helpful. Also notice that the hw#4 is due Sat 5:30 pm, unlike the previous homeworks. There won't be any tutors available on Saturday, so it might be a good idea to finish the homework by Friday nite.

  • Tutors & Lab Hours Page has been updated. Please make sure that you have the most recent lab hours for your TA.

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