CSE 21, Spring 2009

Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems

Important Dates and Deadlines

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Unless stated otherwise, chapters and sections refer to the main text.

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Basics and Contact Information

Lecture: MWF, 11:00–11:50
Pepper Canyon Hall room 122
Discussion Section: Friday, 10:00–10:50
Pepper Canyon Hall room 122
Instructor: (e-mail dana+21 at cs)
office hours: by appointment in EBU3B room 2106
Teaching Assistants: Albert Park
office hours: Friday, 9:00–9:50 in Price Center group study room 3
Qian Peng
office hours: Wednesday, 14:00–15:00 in EBU3B room B275
Main Text: Essentials of Discrete Mathematics
by David J. Hunter. errata.)
*/ ?> (See also his list of errata.)
Available on campus at Groundwork Books and on reserve at the library.
Also Recommended: A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics (DT1) and
Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis (DT2)
by Edward A. Bender and S. Gill Williamson.
Grading: 50% quizzes (lowest score dropped); 50% final exam

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