CSE 171, Spring 2006

User-Interface Design: Social and Technical Issues

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Basics and Contact Information

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30--4:50 PM
Sequoyah Hall room 147
Discussion Section: Friday, 9:00--9:50 AM
Peterson Hall room 104
Instructor: Dana Dahlstrom (e-mail dana+171 at cs.ucsd.edu)
office hours: Tuesday, 11:00--12:00 AM and Wednesday, 1:00--2:00 PM in CSE building room 2208
TAs: Alex Kozlowski (e-mail kman at graphics.ucsd.edu)
office hours: Friday, 10:00--11:00 in CSE building room B240A
Fox Harrell (e-mail redfox at ucsd.edu)
office hours: by appointment
Textbook: User-Centered Website Development
by Daniel McCracken and Rosalee Wolfe. 2003: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-041161-2.
Grading: 10% quizzes; 15% midterm exam; 20% group project; 25% homework; 30% final exam
Your lowest quiz score and your lowest homework score will be dropped automatically.

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