C Programming
Fall 1999

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  • Erica will be in the lab on Saturday from 12-3
  • David will be in the lab on Sunday from 12-3
  • David and Philip will be in the lab on Monday 9-11:15
  • E-mail any of the tutors or TAs if you have questions or requests
  • Lecture 26, Lecture 27, and Lecture 28 have been posted.
  • The final will be on Monday, December 13th, from 11:30am to 2:29 pm at CENTR 113 (the same room we have lecture in).
  • An extra credit assignment has been posted.
  • On Wed, December 8th, Phil's office hours will be changed from 1:15-3:15 to 2-3:15.
  • Lecture 25 has been posted. The material on pointers and arrays is hard stuff. So be sure to go over the lecture slides ASAP.
  • Phil's 10-12 office hours on Monday, 12/6 have been cancelled, but he'll be there for his 1:15-3:15 office hours on Monday.
  • Homework 5 has been posted.
  • Section 12-1-99
    notes have been posted.
  • Lecture 23 has been reposted and Lecture 24 has been posted.
  • Lecture 23 has been posted.
  • If you're using Netscape and find strange typos (like "?"'s) in the lectures slides, you might try using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Lecture 19
    Lecture 20
    Lecture 21
    Lecture 22
    have been posted.
  • Homework 4 has been posted.
  • Section on Wednesday, the 24th has been cancelled because Derrick will be out of town.
  • Lecture 16
    Lecture 17
    Lecture 18
    have been posted. Lecture 18's slides give sample midterm questions that you should work out.
  • Section 10-27-99
    Section 11-9-99
    notes have been posted. Section 10-27-99 isn't relevant to homework 3. Section 11-9-99 says that your homework 3 will not be able to work with lengths of around 45, and it explains why.
  • Lecture 13
    Lecture 14
    Lecture 15
    have been posted.
  • Lecture 8
    Lecture 9
    Lecture 10
    Lecture 11
    Lecture 12
    have been posted.

    What I want you to turn in for hw3, and how:

    I only want you to turn in your source file, which should be named "fibonacci.cpp". As before, your options are:

    1. The preferred method is to leave the file in a folder named Homework/HW3 in your cs5a account's home directory (from the PCs in the lab, this would be H:\Homework\HW3). I can be relatively flexible about the folder names, but it's imperative you name the file "fibonacci.cpp", since otherwise I won't be able to find it.
    2. You may e-mail the file (as an attachment, if possible) to cs5a@ieng9.ucsd .edu. Please don't use a zip file if you can avoid it.
    3. If you can't do either of those, you may bring me a PC-format floppy disk in class. I will return your disks to you once we've graded the homework, if you want it back.

  • IMPORTANT!!! The date for the midterm has been changed to Monday, November 15.
  • Homework 3 has been posted.
  • John's OFFICE hours have been changed to LAB hours.
  • The homework assignment dates have been changed.
  • John's LAB (not OFFICE) hours have been changed.
  • Derrick's lab hours have been changed to 8:30-11:30 PM on Thursday at AP&M 2444 because his lab/office hours were pretty quiet.
  • Phil's office hours this Friday have been cancelled.
  • There was a typo in homework 2. The bottom for loop originally said: for (i = 0; i < 10; i = 1 + 1)...
    i = 1 + 1 should be i = i + 1 The web page for homework 2 has been corrected.
  • Homework 2 has been posted.
  • David's lab hours 5:30PM - 8:00 PM Tuesday and Thursday have been cancelled. Erica's lab hours have been changed from 12:45PM - 2:15 PM on Friday to 10:00AM - 12:00PM on Friday.
  • Homework due dates have been adjusted; homework #2 will be posted imminently, and will be due on Friday, October 29.
  • Section notes (10-20-99) for Microsoft Word on PC have been posted.
  • Lecture 7 (10-15-99) has been posted.
  • If you are finding the class book hard to read, you may want to get "The Art and Science of C" by Eric Roberts. It provides more in depth coverage of beginner programming concepts.
  • The quiz will be given in class on Friday, October 22 (instead of Wednesday). The quiz will cover lectures up to Friday, October 15. You will be responsible for material covered in the lecture notes. You will not be responsible for material covered in the book or section that wasn't covered in lecture. The quiz will cover:
    1. General programming concepts
    2. Data types
    3. Constants
    4. Declarations
    The quiz will ask questions like: what are legal variable names? You won't be asked to write a program.
  • Lecture 5 (10-11-99) and Lecture 6 (10-13-99) have been posted.
  • If you're having trouble logging to the lab computers, read these instructions.
  • If you're having trouble, helpful instructions for getting started with Visual C++ have been posted. Alternatively, if you would like to create your workspace yourself without using our provided workspace and project, read these instructions
  • Section notes (10-13-99) for Microsoft Word on PC have been posted.
  • Homework 1 has been posted. It is due MONDAY, October 18 by the beginning of class. Apologies for Derrick's confusion regarding the due date at today's (10-13-99) section. You are strongly encouraged to go to lab hours to get help using Visual C++. Getting the project and source files set up is probably the most difficult part of this assignment.
  • The syllabus, exam dates, and homework schedule are now available (see the COURSE INFO page).
  • The OFFICE HOURS link has been changed to LAB HOURS . The LAB HOURS page show the hours the TAs will be in the lab (AP&M 2444). For instructor and TA office hours, see the COURSE INFO .
  • Lecture 3 (10-6-99) and Lecture 4 (10-8-99) have been posted.
  • The time and location of John's office hours has been changed. The new location is AP&M 3349D, every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-5pm (see the COURSE INFO page).
  • The location of Derrick's office hours has been changed to AP&M 3337D. The times for Man Yan Lai's lab hours have also been changed.
    Computer account slips and add slips will be handed out Friday, October 7th after class.
  • Office and Lab hours will begin the week of Oct 10th. Please check the lab hours posting early next week in case there are any changes.
  • The recommended compiler (i.e. program in which you write your code) is Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0. The compiler is installed on the PC's at AP&M 2444. I believe the bookstore sells it at an academic discount to students.
  • Lecture 2 10-4-99 has been posted.
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