CSE 140L
Digital Design Systems Labs
Fall 2010

University of California, San Diego 

News & Updates

  • 12/01/2010 : [Gopi] Additional Practice Final Exam Questions and solutions as asked by most students in the last discussion of the quarter.ALL THE BEST fellas :)
  • 12/01/2010 : [Gopi] Practice Final solution updated
  • 11/30/2010 : [Gopi] Lab-4 : Test programs are added. Some demo programs are also given for fun :)
  • 11/29/2010 : [Gopi] Lab-4 : We will take demos on Wednesday(12/1), Thursday(12/2) and Friday(12/3). Kindly finish your demos by Friday(12/3). Any late demos would cost you 25% on Monday(12/6) and 50% on Wednesday(12/8). No demos entertained post 12/8 i.e. 0% will be awarded for demos
  • 11/29/2010 : [Gopi] Lab-4 : Extra lab hours : Gopi [Thursday 2-4PM + Friday 2-6 PM], Shams [Thursday 1-2PM + Friday 10-1 PM], Vikram [Wednesday 9AM-1PM + Thursday 6-8PM]
  • 11/22/2010 : [Vikram] : Please sign up for Lab 3 Demo using the sign up sheet CSE 140L Lab-3 Demo Signup Sheet. Try to distribute yourself evenly among the three days. Your Demos  must be done by Monday : November 29th.
  • 11/22/2010 : [Vikram] : Extra OH will be held as follows : Vikram : W (Nov 24th : 10 to 1) ; Gopi : T (Nov 23rd : 12.30 to 3.30) ; Shams : M (Nov 29th : 10 to 1).
  • 11/21/2010 : [Vikram] : A sample vhdl file for Part 3 Lab 3 demonstrating the use of components (clk_div.vhd) and port mapping can be downloaded here .
  • 11/19/2010 : [Gopi] Lab-4 : Tiny Computer Design is uploaded
  • 11/18/2010 : [Gopi] OH on 11/19 will be from 12-2PM Kindly note the change
  • 11/17/2010 : [CK] Lab3 is due on Wed 11/24/2010
  • 11/05/2010 : [Vikram] Lab3 is posted
  • 11/04/2010 : [Vikram] Please send all future e-mail communication (questions, clarifications and lab reports) to "cse.140lab.ta@gmail.com" instead of mailing any one TA.
  • 11/2/2010 : [Shams] Lab-2 Timing Simulation guide: Please follow the steps given in the guide to generate a timing simulation waveform for part-3 and show the critical path. Do not worry about timing simulations for other parts.
  • 11/2/2010 : [Gopi] CSE 140L Lab-2 Demo Signup Sheet : Kindly sign-up this sheet for the Lab-2 Demos between 11/8 and 11/12. You are arranged according to the Group Number given to you. This group number stays with you till this quarter end. Co-ordinate and spread yourselves evenly so that the count per demo class shall not shoot beyond 30. Make your choice as Yes/No. We welcome you to give the demo before 11/5 as well.
  • 9/30/2010 : [Gopi] Added lab discussion class-1 notes

Course Information

Objective of this course is to introduce digital components and provide hands-on experience in building digital circuits using computer aided design software. Altera Quartus II program is the primary software tool: https://www.altera.com.


  • CK Cheng, CSE2130, ckcheng+140@ucsd.edu, 858 534-6184


  • Lectures: 5:00-5:50PM, Th, Center 113
  • Discussion: 5:00-5:50PM, W, Center 109


  • [H] Digital Design and Computer Architecture, David Money Harris and Sarah L. Harris, published by Morgan Kaufmann, 2007
  • [S] Introduction to Digital Systems, James Palmer and David Perlman, published by Schaum's ouTlines, McGraw Hill, 1993

Hardware and System

  • Altera DE1 Education Kit, Quartus II Web Edition

Teaching Assistants

WebCT for CSE140/L

UCSD students should use their email username and password. Student instructions: http://iwdc.ucsd.edu/password.shtml. Concurrent enrollment (Extension) students are not added automatically. Extension students should obtain a registration token from Extension's student services or the ACMS Help Desk and register for an account.

Lecture Notes

Practice Final

Lab Discussion Notes

Labs (68%)

  • Report and demonstration guidelines
  • Additional resources
  • Careful operations on the boards are recommended, since we have burnt DE2 boards for unknown reasons. Do NOT touch the back of a board when it is on power. Always put the board on desk before connecting the power line.
  • There will be 4 labs (computer simulations, board demonstration, report write-up).
    Work in a group of two. One report per group.


·         Labs (80%)

·         Final (20%) 5:00-5:50PM Th 12/2.