CSE 123: Computer Networks


Instructor: Stefan Savage
Office hours: M 4-5pm or by appt, CSE 3106

Teaching Assistant: Frank Uyeda
Office hours: Tues 1-2pm EBU3B B240A

Discussion Section: Friday 2-3pm EBU3B 2154

Textbook: Computer Networks: A Systems Approach 4th edition by Peterson and Davie. 


The focus of this course is the fundamental engineering, design and architecture of data communications networks. We will learn the underlying challenges posed by networking problems, the key techniques that have been developed over the past thirty years, and the structure of the particular protocols that underly the modern Internet. In particular, we will cover: protocol layering, physical signalling and clock recovery, framking, error control, media-access control, switching and bridging, Internetworking (IP), forwarding design,inter and intra-domain routing protocols, multicast, realiable communications, congestion control, and mobility.

To complete the projects in this course, you will need the ability to develop software programs using the C language.  If you have not used C recently, you may want to refresh your knowledge using one of the many good books on the topic.  In particular I recommend the classic, The C Programming Language, by Kernighan and Ritchie, because it is short and simple.