Thursday-Friday Nov 30-Dec 1, 2006


Thursday, November 30th, 2:00 PM to 3:20 PM: EBU3B 1202


  1. Bruce Carneal: k-means++: lazy, parallel, fast     PPT PDF
  2. Jeremy Davis: Parallel Feature Elimination from a CFD Dataset PPT     PDF
  3. Chris Fleizach: Parallelizing Advection and Navier-Stokes Simulators     PDF
  4. Joey Hammer: Pioneering Development on the Cell Processor     PDF
  5. Natalie Ostroff and Tal Danino: Parallelization of Pseudospectral PDE Solver     PPT
  6. Bryan Rasumssen: A Parallel Implementation of Tensor Multiplication     PDF




Friday, December 1st, 1:30 PM to ~3:30 PM: EBU3B 1202


  1. David Allen and Alexander Brugh: Parallel Collaborative Filtering using a Shared Memory Model
  2. Stuart Campbell
  3. Fallon Chen and Anup Tapadia: A Performance Characterization of UPC
  4. Hamidreza Hamedtoolloei and Brian Ryujin: Investigating the scalability of DataStar
  5. Daniel Libby and Richard Pingol: The Parallelization of Sharks and Fish
  6. Sarah Nakao and Siavosh Aghassy: Benchmarking MPJ Express vs MPI C++
  7. Scott Rickets: Parallelizing LU Factorization
  8. Didem Unat and Elio Damaggio: Scalable Adaptive Subsampling for Scientific Data
  9. Wanping Zhang: Comparison of Parallel Equations Solvers on Circuit Simulation