Yuanyuan Zhou
Qualcomm Endowed Chair
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
9500 Gilman Drive, M/C 0404
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0404
Phone: 858-822-4663
Email:  yyzhou at cs.ucsd.edu

About Me


    Yuanyuan (YY) Zhou is a Qualcomm Chair Professor at University of California, San Diego, where she joined since 2009. Prior to UCSD, she was a tenured associate professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  From 2000-2002, she  co-founded a storage startup called Emphora in Princeton, NJ.   In 2007, She co-founded her second startup, Pattern Insight . Pattern Insight has deployed solutions used by many large companies and became cash-flow positive since 2010, with a good exit to VmWare in 2012.  She holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Princeton University. She is an ACM fellow and an IEEE Fellow, and Winner of 2015's ACM Mark Weiser Award 

Checking out my very first blog:  "How to attend conference alone (and still have a good time)"

Recently I shared some of my startup lessons. You can find the video here:  Learning from my startup mistakes (前车之鉴)(sorry it is in Chinese )


bulletMy research group : Opera
bulletMy research projects, funding, professional services and awards:  here
bulletYou can follow me here


My Former Ph.D students and Post-docs:
bullet Zhifeng Chen, Ph.D 2005, Google since 2005
bulletFeng Qin, Ph.D 2006, tenured associate Professor at Ohio State Univ.
bullet Pin Zhou, Ph.D 2006, now founding engineer at Datas IO Inc
bullet Zhenmin Li, Ph.D 2006, co-founder of PatternInsight, now VmWare
bulletQingbo Zhu, Ph.D 2007, co-founder of PatternInsight, now CEO and co-founder of More Technology (更多科技)
bulletSpiros Xanthos, Ph.D student, co-founder  PatternInsight, now CEO and Co-founder of EzHome
bullet Joe Tucek, Ph.D 2008,  senior research scientist at HP Labs
bulletWeihang Jiang, Ph.D 2008, now VP @ CreditEase(宜信)
bulletShan Lu, Ph.D 2008, tenured professor at University of Chicago
bulletLin Tan, Ph.D 2009,  tenured associate Professor@ University of Waterloo
bullet Yoann Padioleau, former post-doc, Facebook since 2009
bullet Zuoning Yin, Ph.D 2011,  now at Uber
bullet Ding Yuan Ph.D 2012, assistant professor @ University of Toronto
bulletXiao Ma, Ph.D 2012, joined  Medium
bulletWeiwei Xiong, Ph.D May 2013, co-founder of Whova: Event Mobile App
bulletSoyeon Park   former post-doc, co-founder of Whova: Event Mobile App
bullet Tianwei Shen  former post-doc, co-founder of Whova: Event Mobile App
bulletJing Zheng, former Ph.D student, joined Oracle, Red Wood City
bullet Jiaqi Zhang Ph.D 2014, Founding engineer of Whova: Event Mobile App
bulletZhuoEr Wang, visiting student, Founding engineer of Whova: Event Mobile App

My current Ph.D students

bulletRyan Huang, soon to join John Hopkins University as an assistant professor
bulletXinxin Jin
bulletTianyin Xu
bulletRishan Chen (on leave)
bulletYudong Wu
bulletChengcheng Xiang

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