Neuroimage Analysis / Brain Atlas

  • Building a Data-Driven 3D Atlas for Mouse Brainstem
    • Neuroscience Meeting 2016, Nov. 2016 poster
    • CSE AI Seminar Oct. 2016
    • Janelia Junior Scientists Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Oct. 2016 slides
    • BRAIN Technology Integration Group Webminar, Aug. 2016 slides
    • UCSD NeuroDinner, Jun. 2016 slides
  • Texture Landmark Detection in Mouse Brain Images Using Significance-based Boosting (PhD. Candidancy Exam, July 2014) slides
  • Registration of High Resolution Mouse Brain Section Images using MapReduce (CSE 291, Big Data Analytics, Mar. 2013)

Robotic Vision / SLAM

  • 3D Thermal/RGB Reconstruction for Firefighting Robots (report, slides) (DRS Student Infrared Imaging Competition, Jun. 2013)
  • Stereo Image-based Stairs Modeling Using Sample Consensus (poster) (UCSD Research Expo, Apr. 2013)
  • Algorithms for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (report, slides) (CSE Departmental Research Exam, Feb. 2013)
  • The optimization problem underlying SLAM (ECE 271, Convex Optimization, May 2011)
  • Adaptive linear filter for robot velocity based on raw laser range data (CSE 291, Adaptive Filter Theory, June 2011)

General Machine Learning Topics

  • The Information Geometry View of AdaBoost (slides) (Online Learning, Mar. 2014)
  • Publications