Yoav Freund's home page

General Information

My main area of research is computational learning theory and the related areas in probability theory, information theory, statistics and pattern recognition. I work on applications of machine learning algorithms in big data, computer vision, human computer interaction and online education.

I am currently looking for students at the undergraduate and masters levels that are interested in:

  1. Analysis and registration of mouse brain images.
  2. Data analysis and visualization.
  3. Online education and intelligent tutors.
  4. Human-computer interfaces.
More details about some of the projects is provided on this Project page

I am looking for strong programmers and system builders. Must be proficient in Javascipt and Python. If interested, please send me (or the student managing the project) an email with the title "Interested in MSc./Undergrad project" and details on your interests and qualifications.

If you are interested in applying to be a PhD. student, please read this and send your applications to the appropriate address. I will not respond to requests regarding applications