Max Mellette

William "Max" Mellette

Postdoctoral Scholar
wmellett at ucsd dot edu

Systems and Networking Group
Computer Science and Engineering
University of California San Diego


My research focuses on using optical switching to improve the scalability, energy consumption, and cost of data center networks. This involves working at the physical layer to design and build novel optical switches up through the transport layer to design performant network architectures compatible with those switches.

About Me

I am a postdoc in the Computer Science Department at UC San Diego working with George Porter on data center network architecture. I received my PhD in Photonics from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC San Diego, where I worked on optical switching hardware advised by Joseph Ford. Before that, I received a Bachelors in Engineering Physics, also from UC San Diego. I've held a couple internships at General Atomics working on projects in RF and optics.

Publications - networking & optical switching

Publications - imaging & physical optics