Aspect Browser: Aspect Emacs and Nebulous

Quick Start Feature

The Quick Start feature takes a list of file extensions and file names and then collects the files that matches those names and extensions. The files are searched recursively in the specified directory (default is the working directory).

  1. In the Filename or Extension text field, enter a file extension or file name. Click on ADD to add this search criteria to the list above. You can add multiple files and file extensions.
  2. To scan other directories than the default working one, include the absolute path of the other directories before adding the file extensions or file names. See examples below.
  3. To remove an entry in the list, select it with the mouse and choose DELETE.
  4. To quit and prevent Nebulous from scanning in new files, hit CANCEL.
  5. To make Nebulous start scanning for the files, click OK.

Example of File Entries

Last modified: March 25, 2002