Aspect Browser: Aspect Emacs and Nebulous

Nebulous Command Summary

  1. Menu Bar and Menu Commands
    1. FILES
      • Quick Start - A quick and easy way to add files to your session.
      • Add and Remove Files - A more comprehensive way to add files to your session.
      • Reload Changed Files - Updates the file contents in Nebulous. This is especially useful after modifying some files.
      • Save Session - Saves the aspect patterns and file views to a file.
      • Load Session - Loads the aspect patterns and file views from a file.
      • Quit - Quits
    2. Atlas Buttons
        Fold Atlas Buttons - Folds the atlas tabs that are empty of files.
    3. File Panels
      • Show all panels - Shows all the file panels
      • Fold the panels without aspects - Squishes the files without any shown matches into a thin strip.
      • Hide File panels without aspects - Hides the panels without any aspects.
      • Show immediate files only - All files within the present directory (or container) is shown.
      • Expand immediate subdirectories - All files within the present directory (or container) and any files within the immediate sub-directory (or sub-container) is shown.
      • Recursively expand all subdirectories - Expands all subdirectories
      • Set File Panel Width Preferences - A dialog box appears that allows the user to set the minimum size of the windows and the incremental size of each step when the widths are changed.
      • File Panel Sort Options - The order of the file panels can be set here in respect to alphabetical order and size.
    4. Options
      • Change Threshold of Hidden Aspect Folder - The number of hidden aspect patterns before a hidden aspect folder is created can be changed with this dialog box.
      • Change Cache Size - A dialog box appears with the option of changing the size of the cache. If the directory panels are large or taking up too much memory, reducing the size of the cache may reduce memory and performance problems.
      • Change Background Color - Changes the background color.
      • Traversal Action Options - After reaching the last match with the traversal feature, a dialog box usually appears asking the user to search in the next directory panel/Atlas Tab or wrap the search around in the same directory. The default action can be set here if the dialog box becomes an annoyance.
      • Display Text - Toggle switch for "text greeking".
    5. Actions
      • Get Redundant Lines - A dialog box appears and Nebulus scans the entire project for copied-and-pasted code. A list of them is then displayed on the dialog box and each entry can be chosen to be added to the Aspect Index.
  2. GUI Interfaces

Nebulous uses a regular expression package from:
Last modified: October 2, 2001