Aspect Browser: Aspect Emacs and Nebulous

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Do the tools support regular expressions?
    A: Yes!

  2. Q: Do I need Aspect Browser Emacs to make this tool work properly?
    A: Nebulous can now run independently from both Aspect Browser Emacs and Emacs. Many of the features of Aspect Browser Emacs is now inside Nebulous when Nebulous runs in its independent mode.

  3. Q: What versions of JDK is required for Aspect Browser?
    A: JDK 1.3 is the only one that works with Aspect Browser. JDK 1.2 lack some features this program requires. JDK 1.4 does not work with Aspect Browser at this time.

Aspect Emacs
  1. Q: On Solaris, when I do M-x ab-mode, it gives me "Symbol's function definition is void: unless". How can I correct this?
    A: Make sure your emacs version is 20.3.2 or greater. Check the version with "emacs -version".

  1. Q: What files are generated when I save my session?
    A: You can name the files now. The files now contains both the files and the aspect patterns added to the session.

  2. Q: Why does Nebulous reject my old saved files?
    A:The save file format has been drastically modified in order to support many new features. Sorry, you will have to recreate a new work session within the tool and then save the file.

  3. Q: How do make Nebulous automatically load a saved session, read in all the project files, and add all the patterns automatically?
    A: Name your saved session file as "modules".

  4. Q: Why do some or all of my aspects are not loaded into Nebulous when I launch Nebulous from aspect Emacs?
    A: You may have a file named "modules" in your working directory and Nebulous will automatically read that file if one exists.

  5. Q: Regular expressions will not work with Nebulous and I keep on getting java exception errors when I try to do exact matching or regular expression patterns. Am I missing something?
    A: First, make you sure you have the gnu regular expression jar file. This file is included in the downloadable Aspect Browser package. Make sure you have your classpaths set to that jar file as specified in the installation instructions.

Last revised: March 20, 2002