Course Grading Page
CSE 218: Advanced Software Engineering

This course is graded on three elements: discussion preparation (1/4), discussion (1/4), and micro-projects (1/2).

Discussion Preparation and Discussion (1/4 + 1/4) -- Typically Thursdays

This class cannot "run" unless you come to class thoroughly prepared. You will be doing the discussing, not me. Your preparation for class, and your active engagement during class are essential to the success of the course, your learning, and your grade.

I will also be collecting your annotated readings (or other preparation document) in order to assess your preparation skills and give you feedback. Participation records will be created during class by your peers (and me) marking up rubrics.

You cannot get credit for preparation or participation if you miss class or do not hand in an annotated reading I will allow for 2 class absences (or missing readings) over the quarter (e.g., for sickness, job interviews). In other words, I will drop the two lowest preparation/participation grades. Showing up ready to participate counts for a lot, even if you don't say much. Participation is about quality, not quantity. I cannot accept the turn-in of a marked-up paper in lieu of coming to class; they are a package. Note that participation in the class discussion boards counts as participation.

I don't expect you to be great analysts or discussants right out of the box. So, at the beginning I will be primarily grading effort, but by the end I will also be looking at the quality of the results.

Labs (1/2) -- Typically due Tuesdays

Each week, you must engage the ideas in the assigned paper(s) by doing a a lab or "micro-project": restructure some code, write some code, sketch some diagrams or models, etc. We will all be doing micro-projects from the same code base. Micro-projects will be performed in pairs, triplets, or quadruplets (groups of two to four), depending on the final enrollment. Micro-projects will be presented in class so that they can be discussed, helping all of us improve our knowledge and skills.