Course Policies

Academic Honesty

You must do your own work in this class. You and your programming partner cannot use programs from previous years, nor can you use copies of other peoples' programs from this year to help you solve the programming assignments. As you develop a solution to any of the programming projects you must keep copies of your intermediate efforts (paper copies are OK) since you will be asked to produce these if there is any dispute over who wrote a program. Keeping these intermediate copies is a required part of each project. We may ask to see these intermediate copies for any of the programming projects. If you don't have them you will get a zero for the project grade. If you are caught cheating you will be given a zero grade on the work and be prosecuted under the Academic Dishonesty Code.


Your computer account for this class should only be used to do course work. In particular, under no circumstances may you use your account to sabotage the work of other students either by tampering with others' files or by manipulating the Unix system so that its performance for others will be impaired. If you abuse your account in such way you will receive a grade of 0 for the next project due, and you will be prosecuted under the Academic Dishonesty Code.

Complete Academic Integrity Statement

Read the complete academic integrity statement for details on what constitutes cheating. Please ask us if you have any questions. A copy of this statement must be read, signed, and returned to the professor before any work is completed for the course.