Your grade will be determined by the project (50%) and exams (50%). The complete breakdown is as follows:

Previous midterms and finals will be made available to help you review.

The initial grading scale in points/percent is:
     A = 90-100
     B = 80-89
     C = 70-79
     D = 60-69
     F = 00-59
Depending on the difficulty of the particular projects, quizzes, and final exam, your grade may be higher, with a maximum adjustment of 10 points (e.g., a D may go down to 50). Expect grades that are close to a B- curve.

Projects are graded by running your compiler on several dozen Object-Oriented Oberon programs, and checking the output of your compiler against the expected output (for the code gen project, we actually run the generated assembly code). Projects are not graded for the quality of their design, but our experience is that well-designed projects tend to be more correct.

Points (percent) will be deducted for late or malformed project turnins. Please follow the directions carefully. Every bad turnin costs us at least 15 minutes that could be spent helping you or preparing for class.