O131B Compiler Construction II (4 units)
465838 LE A00 TuTh 2:00p - 3:20p CENTR 105 Griswold, William G 12 / 146
DI A01 W 1:00p - 1:50p HSS 1330

Due Dates

Project 1 (semcheck): Due Sunday, May 4, at midnight
Project 2 (code gen): Due Friday, June 6, at midnight
Final: See here for details

Office/Lab Hours & Class E-mail

Your Professor, TA's, and tutors are:

Bill Griswold,
Sunjeev Sikand,
Sean O'Rourke,
Devin Kowatch
Jessica Winblad
Angelina Lee
Chun Lui

Lab is in the basement of AP&M room B402
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00         Angelina (start 11:30)    
12:00 Chun Chun (start 12:40) Chun Chun (start 12:40) Angelina/Chun    
1:00 Sean Chun (end 1:40)   Chun (end 1:40) Angelina (end 1:30)/Chun    
2:00 Sean   Bill   Jessica/Sunjeev    
3:00 Sean   Bill Bill (start 3:30) Jessica/Sunjeev    
4:00 Sean (end 4:45)     Bill (end 4:30) Jessica    
5:00   Angelina* (start 5:30) Devin Angelina Jessica    
6:00 Devin Angelina   Angelina      
7:00 Devin            

* = may vary due to meeting

Note that extra lab hours will be offered as deadlines approach, excess lab hours will be cancelled after deadlines. Please watch the announcements page for details.

Please note for help via e-mail: we would prefer if you would post your message to the Webboard. If you are not comfortable with a posting or it's a matter like grading, you may e-mail to This login is set up to e-mail both professors and all the TA's and proctors. This will guarantee you will get the fastest response to your question. If need be, you are welcome to e-mail the professor or TA's individually.