CSE 291: SmartGrid

Prof. Tajana Simunic Rosing
Jointly with William Torre from the Center for Energy Research

Note: This schedule is subject to change.




Wed 4/3

Introduction to SmartGrid

Wed 4/10

Introduction to SmartGrid cont.

Wed 4/17 Basics of power systems  
Wed 4/24 Basics of power systems & simulation demo

S/U students: title of the presentation

Grade students: title and abstract of the paper

Wed 5/1 Smart Grid Communication, Measurement and Control  
Wed 5/8 Renewable Energy & Energy Storage Student presenters:
J. Venkatesh & B. Aksanli
Wed 5/15 System Reliability & Ancillary Services  
Wed 5/22 Microgrids

Grade students:
1st draft due

Wed 5/29

C. Chan, "DC Microgrids"
A. S. Akyurek:"Load flow optimization"
A. Kaur: "Load forecasting"

Student presenters

Wed 6/5

B. Balaji, "Energy efficiency of commercial buildings"
J. Yang, "Context-aware distributed system & the Grid"
O. Salazar, "Battery models"

Student presenters

Grade students: paper due

Class logistics:
Students for S/U need to prepare one ~20min course presentation outlining related publications and projects in a selected area of SmartGrid. Focus should be on the latest research and defining interesting problems that remain to be solved
Students for a letter grade should submit a conference worthy paper in the area of SmartGrid of 6pg minimum length in IEEE two column format, 10pt font