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I used to list all my advisors and supervisors on this page, but it was really stupid!!

Good advisors teach principles and skills. Great advisors teach more, they teach philosophies and tastes. Bad advisors teach nothing but push students to produce rubbish. I guess I've worked with all these kinds of advisors. My heart is always overflowing with gratitude for those who helped me, taught me (not rubbish :-p), and enlightened me.

YY, my advisor in UCSD, always tells us to care more about who are you working with instead of how much is on the check. Her famous story is her summer intern in Xerox PARC where she got the chance to work with Bulter Lampson. Later, like YY, a lot of students interning there that summer became famous professors and researchers. Definitely, they were inspired and enlightened by this Turing Award laureate.



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