Kaave Hosseini

I’m a third year PhD student in Computer Science at UC San Diego under supervision of Shachar Lovett. I did my BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science at Sharif University of Technology, Iran.

I’m interested in additive combinatorics and its applications in theoretical computer science. Usually the problems I work on happen to revolve around pseudorandomness.


  • An improved Lower Bound for Arithmetic Regularity arXiv
  • with S. Lovett, G. Moshkovitz, A. Shapira.
    Mathematical proceedings of Cambridge Philosophical Society, March 2016.
  • On the structure of the spectrum of small sets arXiv
  • with S. Lovett.
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory A, to appear.
  • Affine-malleable Extractors, Spectrum Doubling, and Application to Privacy Amplification ECCC
  • with D. Aggarwal, S. Lovett.
    IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) 2016.
  • Structure of protocols for XOR functions ECCC
  • with H. Hatami, S. Lovett.
    Accepted to FOCS 2016.



email: skhossei (ât) ucsd (døt) edu
office: CSE 4232