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3D Deep Learning and Shape Analysis

Machine learning makes 3D vision great.

We created a new 3D shape dataset on the top of existing ShapeNet, named PartNet, which can support many emerging tasks in computer vision and computer graphics community.

PartNet: A Large-scale Benchmark for Fine-grained and Hierarchical Part-level 3D Object Understanding

Visual Perception with Real Sensory Data

Process sensory data on cars and smartphone cameras.

We invented a new LED system which can hack smartphone's QR code capture with a 3D lighting simulator. Stay tuned.
We design computer vision algorithm to track light sources in order to localize people in 3D indoor environment with high accuracy.

Enabling High-Precision Visible Light Localization in Today's Buildings

Neural Network Acceleration for Visual Application

Inventing Binary Neural Computation on FPGAs.

We design a new FPGA architecture that can run BNNs extremely fast by leveraging similarities and computation reuse.

Towards Fast and Energy-Efficient Binarized Neural Network Inference on FPGA
We propose a new BNN architecture using ensemble idea, which significantly cures BNN's problems in terms of representation ability, stability and robustness issues.

Binary Ensemble Neural Network: More Bits per Network or More Networks per Bit?

(Previous) Human Touch Interaction

Immersive interaction brings magic into our lives.

We design and fabricate a customized RFID tag to sense fine-grained 2-dimensional human touch, which can drive many indoor IoT applications.

2DR: Towards Fine-Grained 2-D RFID Touch Sensing

(Previous) Mobile Healthcare

Take care of more people with technology.

We design a mixed signal processing approach to realize robust heart rate monitoring during intensive exercise.

MICROST: A Mixed Approach for Heart Rate Monitoring During Intensive Physical Exercise Using Wrist-Type PPG Signals
We build FHIR-based tools to help patients and doctors to visualize genomic data.

Smart Precision Cancer Medicine: A FHIR-Based App to Provide Genomic Information at the Point of Care
President Obama’s Cancer Panel Points to SMART On FHIR for Connected Health
A FHIR-Based PPS System Can Keep Your Genes Private

(Previous) Algorithm Design on Network Graph Topology

Better heuristics on NP-hard graph problems.