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About Me

Learn more about my favorites.

[Favorite Color]
Black and white.

[Favorite Animal]

[Favorite Singer]
Taylor Swift.

[Favorite Chinese Singer]
张韶涵 (Angela Chang).

[Favorite Boys Band]
TF Boys.

[Favorite Girls Band]

[Favorite HBO Show]
Game of Thrones.

[Favorite Korean TV Soap]
상속자들 (The Heirs).

[Favorite Actress]
박신혜 (Park Shin-hye).

[Favorite Fashion Designer]
Alexander McQueen. [Favorite Mountain]
ふじさん (‎Mount Fuji).

[Favorite Food]
Kuai (Raw Fish).

[Favorite Weather]
Sunny and Snowy.

[Favorite Activity]
Sit on a cliff and watch sunset.

[Favorite Planet]

[Favorite Place on Earth]
Disneyland. :)

Music: Guitar, Electronic Organ.
Sports: Equestrian, Skiing, Skating, Archery, Fencing, Tennis, Hiking.
Others: Photography, Drawing.