Ada-An Introduction to
the Art and Science of Programming

Walter J. Savitch and Charles G. Petersen

Brief Table of Contents

Copyright (c) 1992 by Benjamin/Cummings Pub. Co., Inc.

Chapter 1
Introduction to Computers and Problem Solving

Chapter 2
Introduction to Problem Solving with Ada

Chapter 3
More Ada and Programming Techniques

Chapter 4
Designing Subprograms for Subdividing Problems

Chapter 5
Subprograms for Modular Design

Chapter 6
Designing Programs that Make Choices

Chapter 7
Problem Solving Using Loops

Chapter 8
Data Types and an Introduction Packages

Chapter 9
Arrays for Problem Solving

Chapter 10
Complex Array Structures

Chapter 11
Records and Other Data Structures

Chapter 12
Program Design Methodology

Chapter 13
Text Files and Secondary Storage

Chapter 14
Problem Solving Using Recursion

Chapter 15
Solving Numeric Problems

Chapter 16
More File Types

Chapter 17
Dynamic Data Structures
August 18, 1995