CSE 291: Internet Crime


Instructor: Stefan Savage
Tu/Th 11-12:20 EBU3B 4140 ( NOTE ROOM CHANGE )


This course is a graduate seminar focused on "Internet Crime", roughly defined as "high-volume economically-motivated crime that makes central use of the Internet". We will cover topics such as identity theft via phishing/spyware, financial account fraud, spam advertising, stock scams, click fraud, and maybe even some auction fraud or virtual good theft. We'll also try to look at the attendant eco-system that supports this activity (vulnerability markets, mule services, cashiers, etc)

This will not be a traditional kind of security class. While we will undoubtedly read and discuss quite a few papers focused on some of the technical issues in this space, my intent is to focus more broadly and look at issues in human factors, criminology (deterrence and enforcement), national and international policy and legal issues as well. At least some of our reading (and there will be quite a bit) will undoubtedly be from places you've never heard of and some will likely not be academic in character. We will aos have a number of domain expert speakers to provide a first-person viewpoint on some of these issues.