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Dec 23 End-of-the-year update:

Against email.
The return of Tron.
Noted without comment.
The subjectivity of wine.
A contest just for professors.
Shrewd advice for finding good restaurants.
Amazing animation and its even more amazing sequel.
Time well spent: comb your hair and polish your shoes?
A talk (by me) on how to get started on research in graduate school.
Strange resemblances between graduate students and cockroaches.
Language evolution: thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on.
Highlights of summer: visiting Slovenia, surfing in Del Mar.

Aug 03 Massive backblog core dump:

Summer reading list: a guide to the best foreign novelists that you've never heard of.
Creative piano technique: how to play Rachmaninoff with small hands.
Location is everything: fifteen unfortunately placed ads.
Not so implausible: three physicists in an insane asylum.
Underpaid and overworked: the ten worst jobs in science.
The American Film Institute's list of 100 greatest movies.
The long-awaited Police reunion: unbelievably lame?
Architecture in downtown San Diego: an organic form?
Tips from a pro: how not to use Powerpoint.
Life in two dimensions: the Flatland Project.
Writing on computers: pros and cons.
Stop-motion film magic: Tony vs Paul.
Microsoft losing its way?
Unusual street art.

Apr 09 Life is tough for street performers in the Washington DC subway.
Mar 27 Windows alert: how Microsoft Vista could destroy the planet.
Mar 26 Congratulations to my student Diane Hu, who just won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
Mar 25 How to learn from mistakes.
Mar 16 Teaching evaluations for Socrates.
Mar 15 Sound advice for spring break.
Feb 22 Cocoa: the next wonder drug.
Feb 19 I was going to post my own version of Giant Steps, until I came across this one and this one.
Feb 16 Clever math: find, expand, and simplify.
Feb 09 How not to write a conference paper.
Jan 24 Our paper to appear at ICASSP-07. See you in Honolulu.
Jan 23 Secrets of the world's happiest man.
Jan 16 German motorist defense: just following orders.
Jan 15Music for an apartment and six drummers.
The amazing Honda chorus. (Skip the intro and click on watch.)
Jan 13Eighteen films from 2006 that are "decisively and memorably of value to an intelligent viewer." (Scroll down to the middle of the post.)
Jan 12Mindless end-of-the-week time waster.
Jan 11Our latest papers from NIPS-06, Neural Computation, and IEEE-JSAC.
Jan 09Teaching debut at UCSD; also, first day of Music 137B.
Jan 08Why tenure is such a big deal.
Jan 07Restaurant week in San Diego: all of these places are great.
Jan 04Lectured at a Short Course of the American Mathematical Society Meeting.
Jan 03Dinner at the Redfish Grill in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Finished Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov.
Jan 02Beyond parody: creationism at the Grand Canyon. What next?
Jan 01Finished Saturday by Ian McEwan.