Lawrence Saul

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego
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I am a faculty member in the Artificial Intelligence Group at UC San Diego. My primary area of research is machine learning. Beyond campus, I served previously as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Machine Learning Research and as the Program Chair and General Chair of the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.

I grew up in southern California but spent twenty years in exile on the East Coast. Here is a brief timeline of that odyssey:

2009+Professor, UC San Diego
2006Associate Professor, UC San Diego
2005Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
2002Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1996Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Labs, Center for Speech and Image Processing
1994Postdoctoral Fellow, M.I.T., Center for Biological and Computational Learning
1994Ph.D, Physics, M.I.T.
1990A.B., Physics, Harvard