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Other learning applications and issues

This chapter has focused primarily on applications of classification tehcniques that are among the most successful with machine learning. There are, however, a wide range of other ways that adaptive mechanisms have been incorporated within the FOA context [REF315] . For example, Gordon has applied genetic algorithm optimization to the construction of effective queries [REF630] . The success of social, COLLABORATIVE FILTERING where adaptation in response to the activities of one user is extrapolated to other users [Shardanand95] promises to become an important part of the WWW industry (as recently demostrated by Microsoft's purchase of Firefly, for example). Learning to extract structured, database-like relations from the vast WWW of unstructured documents is another important new direction [Howe97] [Craven98] . Here we mention several other ways that adaptation mechanisms can be exploited, and some new problems arising from this dynamism.


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